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Incentives for Companies

Employee motivation is increasingly an aspect that companies take care of, since it improves their performance and stimulates relationships between teams, which translates into greater benefits for the company. These corporate objectives can be very varied: teamwork, intergroup communication, motivation, creativity, leadership, customer acquisition, customer loyalty, fun, relaxation or leisure.
In Spa Gran Meliá Colón, in addition to being the PERFECT GIFT, we are also the IDEAL INCENTIVE FOR COMPANIES, where any worker, team, managers, clients and suppliers can enjoy a unique and different moment of relaxation, pleasure and well-being in the heart of Seville.
We provide gift vouchers and discount vouchers for the workforce.
Budgets adjusted to each company .. without obligation !!
Massages specially designed to help prevent the negative effects produced by work stress and reduce accumulated tensions, as well as to maintain the health of workers.
They avoid problems, sick leave derived from muscle contractures, stiffness, visual exhaustion, back and headaches, excessive tension, bad posture ...




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