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Experts Facial Treatments

Thanks to formulas enriched in plants extract, combined with the perfectly adapted hand movements of the therapist, Clarins takes care of you. A 25 minutes massage lies at the heart of these personalized treatments that offer optimal efficacy, with immediate and long-lasting results; a massage that helps smooth, shape, firm and relax.

Youth Expert

After a thorough skin diagnosis, this treatment adapts to from stressed skin to skin that lacks firmness, and skin weakened by hormonal changes.

Regardless  of one's age, reduces the look of first lines. Your skin is firmer, better toned, your complexion looks more luminous.

60 min                   140 €

Power Hydrator

This treatment pampers dry, fragile skin and is ideal for restoring comfort comfort, softness and radiance.


Fine lines caused by deshydration are smoothed out and tight-feeling skin is soothed.


You'll regain supple skin that feels nice to the touch.

60 min                   € 110

Clear Skin Refiner

This detoxifying treatment is the perfect all of combination or oily skin that needs to be rebalanced.


Impurities are gently removed, skin shine is reduced and pores are tightened. Your skin looks clear, fresh and healthy.

60 min                   € 110

Even Skin Perfecto

This treatment was developed for those dreaming of flawless skin that looks even and luminous.

Dark spots are minimized, shadowy areas are reduced and your skin's natural luminosity is revived.

You will look simply radiant.

60 min                   € 110

Lifting Shaper

This high-performing treatment helps redefine facial contours: it refines, lift and firms.


The facial oval is better defined, the appearance of a double chin is disminished.

You'll feel lighter and look more radiant.

60 min                   € 140

Energizing Facial

For Men

This energizing treatment was specially developed for men's skin which is subject to external aggressions and irritation caused by shaving. 

It purifies, hydrates and reduces the appearance of wrinkles and dark underage circles while energizing the skin. Its a complete treatment that promotes a deep feeling of well-being, instantly. You'll look rested, relaxed and completely refreshed.

60 min                   € 110

Deep Cleansing

Complete facial treatment that cleanses the skin deeply eliminating dead cells and impurities.

The skin will be clean, fresh and bright.

60 min                   € 100

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