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Wellness Treatments

The Wellness treatments offer a real well-being ¨break¨, an ultimate escape from daily stress. High-performing products along with unique sensorial experiences help evacuate feelings of tension and promote a feeling of infinite well-being for the body and the mind. You'll also enjoy more beautiful-looking and better balanced skin.

Beauty Sleep

Thanks to carefully adapted slower hand movements and moderated pressure, this face and body treatment allows you to break the vicious cycle of stress and lack of sleep that is the enemy of a beautiful skin.

After the treatment you'll look and feel relaxed and rested, sings of fatigue are diminished.

It's proven, stress is relieved, the quality of your night-time sleep is improved.

60 min                   € 125

Energy booster

Thanks to energizing hand movements and deep-reaching pressure this revitalizing face and body treatment sweeps away stress and helps rebalanced both the body and mind.

Your vital energy circulates again, your face looks radiant and your spirits are lifted. 

60 min                   € 125

Ultra Relaxing

Aroma Facial

This unique treatment makes it possible to disconnect from the outside world and gain a sense of balance once again. Clarins expert ¨Ayuroma Touch¨ , combined with the power of plants and Clarins oils, invites you to escape and let go. Experience deep and complete relaxation thanks to a face and scalp massage. You will not only feel the treatment's benefits, but you will see them as well: your skin feels softer and looks more beautiful. 

60 min                   € 125

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