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Expert Body Treatments

Clarins, the Body Care specialist, offers a specific solution to every concern. Thanks to high-performing formulas concentrated in plant extracts and to Clarins expert touch, you'll experience a made-to-measure treatment with proven efficacy.

Body Silhouette

Personalized slimming and firming treatment helps sculpt your silhouette to optimize slimming/target orange peel skin or enhance your skin's firmness and youthful qualities.

Its act on skin's firmness, elasticity, suppleness and hydration so you can achieve a lighter silhouette.

I's a true youthful treatment for your skin.

60 min                   € 120

Exfoliating Treatments

Exfoliation for both, men and women, is an absolute "must" before any further body treatment because it helps product absorption and increases product effectiveness.

The Polisher

Gentle exfoliation detoxifies and purifies the skin while optimal hydration provides you with unequalled comfort, leaving it flexible and velvety.

Your skin will be soft and embellished.

50 min                   € 90

Tonic Sweet & Salt Exfoliation

Rich in essential oils exfoliation, 100% natural, with leaves skin delicately scented, satin-smooth and incredibly velvety-soft.

50 min                   € 90

Body Wraps

Ideal treatments with essential oils to banish stress and restore well-being and harmony to body and mind. Indulgence treatments for silky skin. (For women and men).

Gourmet Chocolaterapy

Body scrub + Relaxing massage + Chocolate wrap.

The hot chocolate-based wrap helps the production of hormones responsible for pleasure, motivation and mood.

Moisturizing, antioxidant and nourishing action.

Firms, tones and gives flexibility to the skin

75 min                                €160

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Amber Cafune

AMBER is the resin found in trees and what gives the orange color that comes to life in autumn. It is known as a gemstone with healing properties, which attracts good luck and increases life force.


The word CAFUNÉ comes from Brazilian Portuguese. It defines a very specific caress that we have all performed at some point. It is the action of tenderly sliding your fingers through the hair of the loved one.


  • Facial and body exfoliation

  • Facial hydration massage

  • Relaxing body massage


Duration: 90 minutes

90 min                                €160

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