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Clarins Treatments


An exclusive 100% manual method, high-performance formulas with a high concentration of plants extract and unique sensorial experience every time.

In the hands of Clarins experts beauty therapist, the skin experiences the pleasures of a personalized treatments: precise, targeted movements flow on after the other, perfectly, adapted to your needs and desires, to deliver immediately visible and long-lasting beauty results and wellbeing.

Plants, Our Science


Clarins researches use all the resources of science to uncover the beauty secrets of plants, analyse their cosmetic properties and the study their interaction with the skin. To design unique, high-performance pioneering formulas which respect the skin's natural balance.

In the Treatments Room


Clarins PRO products incorporate the latest plants discoveries and scientific innovations from Clarins Research. Designed exclusively for use during Clarins treatments, their textures have been developed to adapt to the expert hands of beauty therapist and enhance the sensation your experience. These highly effective formulas enable treatments to be totally personalized and offer immediately visible results.


At home: Clarins beauty routins


After the treatments, the beauty therapist recommends the best products for your skin, and shares her application secret to prolong Clarins treatments benefits when you get home.

1- Exceptional visible and immediate rejuvenating results, a proven action on wrinkles and firmness.

2- Rejuvenating results which last, after the treatment and 7 days of the anti-aging routine.

A moment of Well-Being and Relaxation


A proven action on recovery capacity clinically proven beauty and well-being effectiveness, approved by women.

Clarins research evaluates the effectiveness of this treatments in its own laboratories using the most advanced measuring techniques, in real conditions of a treatment carried out in the institute.

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