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Clarins, the pioneer in beauty for new mothers and mothers-to-be, has worked with professionals to develop a programme devoted to prepare your body and your skin during this important time in your live. Specific treatments offering adapted techniques, high-performance products and advice. Whit Clarins at their side, every new mother and mother-to-be can advance along the path of motherhood with total peace of mind.


To perfectly prepare your body and skin for the birth of your baby.

A pampering treatment which relieves tension, lightens the legs, improves the elasticity of the skin and helps to prevent marks linked to pregnancy.

60 min                   € 125

Body Silhouette Firming

After the birth of your baby, during the breastfeeding period, it is the moment to keep on treating density, tonicity and elasticity of your skin in order to recover its firmness and youth.

60 min                   € 120

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