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Massages à la carte 

Localized massages, complete, relaxing, descontracturantes ... A wide variety of massages for all tastes and adapted to the needs of everyday life.


Personalized Local Massage

Localized, relaxing or decontracting massage, tailored to needs

of each client.

30 min                   € 70


Indian Scalp

Relaxing massage with gentle and slow
movements of the face, neck, shoulders and scalp.

Has a calming effect on the nervous system and improves scalp circulation.

30 min                                 €70

Foot Reflexology

This massage is based on pressures throughout the foot. Our whole organism is reflected in our feet.

It stimulates the inmune system and relaxes the nervous system.

It balances and regenerates.

30 min                   € 70


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage with stretching and pressure points.

This deep and complete massage helps
relieve muscle tension caused by
stress, improves the release of blocked energy, reducing pain and stiffness of the body's muscles

60 min                   € 140

80 min                   € 180

GRAN MELIA COLON_Tela 82x57.jpg

Balinese Massage

Relaxing Deep pressure massage ending with temperate essential oils.

This massage simulates blood circulation, improves energy flow and relieves tension.

60 min                   € 120

Seventh Heaven

Who hasn't ever wanted to be in seventh heaven?


Every act...

every movement...

every gesture...

every smell...

transfers energy and memories that last.

90 min                   € 200

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