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AMBER is the resin found in trees and the one that gives the orange color that comes to life in autumn. It is known as a precious stone with healing properties, which attracts good luck and increases the force of life.


The word CAFUNÉ comes from the Brazilian Portuguese. It defines a very specific caress that we have all performed at some time. It is the action of sliding your fingers tenderly through the hair of the loved one.


  • Face and body exfoliation
  • Facial hydration massage
  • relaxing body massage


Duration: 90 minutes

Amber Cafune

    • You will receive the gift card at the email address you provide us within a maximum period of 24 hours.
    • All gift cards can be redeemed within6 months from the day of purchase.
    • The recipient of the gift card can contact us by phone, email or WhatsApp to make the booking the day you want.
    • Changes or returns: In case of change of treatment, it will be possible for another service of the same amount, or pay the difference for another service of a higher amount. A refund of the amount of the gift card will not be possible. 
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